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ERP is commonly misperceived as a computer system. Not so. It’s a people system made possible by the computer software and hardware.

ERP software is generally classified as an enterprise application designed to meet the more complex and heavy duty functions of big businesses. Often, large corporations have their own IT departments or dedicated teams that utilize ERP systems to analyze big data and address the needs of multiple departments. However, small business ERP applications have come about to cater to the lightweight business management requirements of startups and growing companies. This type of ERP solution is usually customized to fit smaller business operations, and match specific business industry. BMO Software is a leading ERP Development Company in Coimbatore successfully providing ERP Solutions to our clients from more than 4+ years having most experienced professionals and dynamic young team.


Know More About Your Employees
Human Resource

Modern business practice requires an integrated human resource system to replace manual processes for the operational control of employee relations. This has resulted in reduced labor requirements and administrative processes.

The corresponding increase in productivity due to centralized computing streamlines operations and assists managers to focus on more mission critical aspects of human resource management. Although paperwork hasn’t been totally reduced, human resource managers can now spend more time on core business objectives as opposed to attending to minor administration tasks.

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Manage All Your Purchase & Stock
Inventory Control

Inventory management is an important part of a business because inventories are usually the largest expense incurred from business operations. Most companies will use an inventory management system that will track and maintain the inventory required to meet customer demand. Most systems used by companies are linked to the management or accounting information system, increasing the effectiveness of their operations.

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Check Your Sales
Production & Sales

Sales management includes more than tracking the business you book and providing support for your sales team. It starts with helping develop the right products, setting the right prices and distributing in the right places, and continues with marketing messaging, customer service and other selling efforts. All of these efforts must be coordinated so one doesn’t interfere any of the others. Setting plans, monitoring them and tracking results lets you continue to adapt, eliminate weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities.

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Manage All Your Credit & Debit
Financial Module

Accounting software is a class of computer programs that enable you to manage your business's financial transactions. Such programs can vary widely in scope, with some programs designed for little more than simple bookkeeping and some designed to manage the entire financial comings and goings of large businesses. Using accounting software helps companies to use the resources in their accounting departments efficiently, and can reduce costly bookkeeping mistakes.

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Why Your Company Need A ERP Software?

Easy Access to Information About Your Business

If someone asked you what your average sales margin is, how long would it take you to find out?

Accounting Takes Longer and It makes Easier

Often, the first noticeable signs that your company needs ERP software will come from your accounting department.

It notes your Sales and the Customer Experience

When sales, inventory and customer data are maintained separately, it can create serious problems across your company.

Solve complex problem & reduce time consuming

ERP technology can give you the agility to respond to changing business needs rapidly


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